Game Rentals

We are now renting board games! Want to play in the safety and comfort of your own home? Having a private event or party? Not sure if you want to buy that expensive game without knowing if you like it? Rent it! 

Please read through the following rules first: 

Rental Cost

To keep it simple, we’ve broken the game library into 3 categories based on play time. (For variable play time, time is calculated by the highest player count.)

  • Tier 1- games 30 minutes or less $3/day
  • Tier 2- games 31-90 minutes $5/day
  • Tier 3- games 90+ minutes   $10/day

The entirety of the library is available to rent with a handful of exceptions; please ask to see the updated list when renting.

Current list:

You may rent up to 3 Tier 2 & 3 games in any combination and 3 Tier-1 games at one time. 

Rental Time

Games may be rented for 1 day minimum and 1 week maximum. 

Any game rented and returned by the close of business on the following calendar day is considered a 1 day rental. I.e: 

Games must be returned prior to close on the day it is due. There is no drop box or way to return games after hours. Games not returned by close will be charged for the following day.

Rental Terms

Games must be returned in the same condition as when rented. Damage to the game will be noted before being rented, and any additional damage, lost pieces, etc to the game when returned will be the responsibility of the renting party. 

Games must be returned in the same or better condition that it was checked out as (with all pieces, parts bagged, cards sleeved, etc). There is a $2 reorganization fee that will be charged for games returned in disarray.