General Admission

How it works

Our goal is to provide an entertaining place in town that is casual, fun, and cheap. When you’re bored and think to yourself “there’s nothing to do in Lynchburg!”, we want you to think of us!

Entry is only $5 for 6 hours and gives you access to our entire collection of over 900 games! Once you purchase your admission, you are free to play as many games as you’d like for the entirety of your visit. Choose any game off our shelf, grab a table, and start playing.

If a staff member is available, they would be happy to help assist you with learning the game or just clarifying some confusing rules. We don’t know every game in the store, but we know most of them and would be happy to get you started so you can skip the rulebook!

During weekdays the $5 admission fee will cover the entire day, but on Saturdays (or Summer weekdays) we are open twice as long, so the $5 covers a half day, a 6 hour timeframe. If you’d like to be here from noon to midnight, it’s $10 for the entire day.

If you anticipate being here at least a few times a month, we recommend checking out the awesome discounts that come with being a member over on our membership page!